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Australian Made Leather Bags & Aprons’ve invested in an Australian made leather bag...well done Youl! Leather is not only a natural, recycled product, but it is exceptionally hard-wearing and is one of very few materials that looks better with age...if you treat it with the respect it deserves.

If you’ve purchased a Workbelt leather bag, you’re already ahead of the game. I use leather produced from the highest quality Italian cattle so the tanning process and finished product are of the highest standard; and I use upholstery leather which is particularly soft, supple and durable. 

Here are the Workbelt Leathers
Workbelt Leather

We all love a bit of patina, but add protection and moisture and you have longevity. It’s just a matter of ‘NO, NO, YES’...

‘NO’ to Water
‘NO’ to Direct Sunlight
‘YES’ to Conditioner

Leather and Water
Keep your Workbelt leather bag away from water. The Classic Black is water resistant, The Midnight Blue and Vintage Tan are less so, and the Italian Malt is less so again. They will survive if you find yourself in a light shower, but leather is permeable so too much water may result in stiffening and hardening, or even rot. If you do get your leather beauty wet, be sure to hang her somewhere well ventilated so she can dry thoroughly.

Leather and Direct Sunlight
Keep your Workbelt leather bag away from direct sunlight. The issue with direct sunlight is that it dries the leather and can slowly evaporate natural oils which may lead to stiffening and cracking. This is particularly important for delicate full grain leathers like the Italian Malt. Store your leather beauty hanging in your wardrobe. If you do get a hit of sun on a day out, be sure to give her a well deserved condition afterwards like you’d aloe vera your sunburnt bod.

Leather Conditioner
Using the right leather conditioner is the key to keeping your leather bag soft, protected and aging gracefully. After trying a number of leather conditioners on the market and being pretty underwhelmed, I headed to the lab (ok, that’s actually the kitchen), and got creative. I researched, experimented, and tested...and eventually I had created a 100% Natural Leather Conditioner tailored to suit the Workbelt leathers.

Here are the ingredients and the main qualities they bring:

Beeswax: Protect
Coconut Butter: Condition
Sweet Almond Oil: Soften
Castor Oil: Shine

Natural Leather Conditioner Workbelt Natural Leather Conditioner Workbelt

The consistency is like a lip balm and using it is just as easy...all you need to do is rub it on with your hands or a dry clean cloth. Make sure you really work it in, and at the same time give your hands a well deserved moisturise with this natural, non-sticky conditioning balm. I’d recommend doing this every couple of weeks.

If you’re anything like me, you give your leather bag a serious workout. So if you want her to last, it’s so important to care for her. And it really is so easy…’NO, NO, YES’...’NO’ to water, ‘NO’ to direct sunlight, and ‘YES’ to a good leather conditioner.


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