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The good news is, you’re in the right place if you’re after an Australian made leather all you have to do is narrow your options to reveal the perfect bag for your specific needs…Today we’re going to talk about function.

Obviously all bags perform the function of holding your worldly possessions, but it makes sense to purchase a bag based on a specific purpose for which you plan to use it.

Each Workbelt bag has been designed and made with a specific function in mind. For example, I made The Ninja when I wanted a stylish baby bag. The minimalist design allows you to carry everything you need for yourself and baby without looking like an overloaded bag lady. And now we’re past the baby bag phase in our house, it’s still the perfect bag for everyday.

Let’s assume you’re after a bag for one of the following functions


This guide will help you find the perfect leather bag for you

Leather Everyday Bag:

It is so important that you make the right choice when it comes to your everyday bag. Think about what’s important to you…

Is the weight of the bag itself an important consideration?

Do you like having the option of being hands-free? Or..

Do you like throwing everything in without thinking too much because who knows what your day will reveal?

I have designed the Workbelt website so that each bag falls into one of three categories: Clutches, Handbags and Carryalls. Essentially, think of it as Small, Medium and Large. I’ve also included a ‘Try Me On’ video clip on each Product Page so you can see each style being worn by a real woman, and get a really good grasp of bag size. It’s a great starting point for narrowing your search. But I’ll throw in a few extra tips while you’re here…

Have you noticed how heavy many leather bags are, even before you put anything in them.?! This can be a real issue if you have a bad back, you’re travelling and carrying a bag all day, or you just don’t want to lug around extra weight for the sake of it. The Feather  got her name because she is as light as a feather. Definitely the most simple of the Workbelt designs, The Feather is a favourite for her simple function and form.

If you’re security conscious and you like a zip, these are your options from smallest to largest: 

The Eve: she doubles as a glamorous evening bag and a clutch (big enough for your water bottle)

The Vixen: a slick, modest handbag that holds your most precious possessions and has an adjustable crossbody strap

The Doppio: she doubles as a backpack and handbag

The ‘Go To’: the smallest of the carryalls

The Hybrid: The biggest and most feature-packed of the Workbelt designs

If you like the style of a handbag but you ride a bike or just like being hands-free occasionally, The Doppio ticks both of these boxes. It’s big enough for your ipad, water bottle and your personal effects, and it couldn’t be easier to swap between the handbag and backpack function.


If you have a messy room, chances are you’ll need a large carryall to just ‘throw and go’ for everyday. Both The Ninja and The Hybrid tick these boxes, but for the simplest of the two, go The Ninja.

My pick: The Ninja (Tote), The Vixen (Handbag), The Doppio (Backpack)

Leather Work Bag

Chances are you fall into one of two’re a super organised woman who curates your bag daily and travels light...or…you want to pile everything into your work bag including your laptop.

If you’re the former, The ‘Go To’ is for you...she carries an ipad, journal, water bottle, modest lunch and personal effects.

If you fall into the latter category, you need something more roomy...The Ninja accommodates a laptop, as well as lunch, water bottle, personal effects, jumper, and a few other bits and pieces. This is definitely my pick as you can throw everything in and the simple tote design allows her to be tucked away modestly under your arm enroute to work, and under your desk or in your locker when you get there.


The Hybrid does everything the Ninja does, but has a few added features: a detachable crossbody strap (as well as the tote straps), a recessed zip close for the security conscious, and an extra internal zipped pocket. 

My pick: The Ninja Leather Tote

Leather Baby Bag

We all dream of being those highly organised, glamorous mothers whose children never seem to get dirty. But the reality is very different, and I don’t know about you, but those baby bags with a hundred compartments are so do you ever find what you need when it counts?! I am a firm believer in simplicity and function.

I made The Ninja specifically to be my baby bag. I wanted something that looked modest but had the capacity to carry everything I needed for me and baby. The large internal zipped pocket is perfect for storing little bits, and the wide opening allows you to see everything you have piled into the main section which is crucial when time is of the essence. The soft leather tote straps are super comfortable and you can tuck her away under one arm and still comfortably carry your bub.

If you want the option of a tote AND a crossbody bag , The Hybrid is perfect for you. The detachable crossbody leather strap as well as the tote straps provide a dual function and give you the added option of storing it across your pram handles. There are two large internal zipped pockets, and the main section of the bag is roomy enough to fit everything you’ll need for you and baby. The Hybrid has a recessed zip close so you can easily wear her open or closed for easy access or increased security.

My pick: The Ninja Leather Tote

Leather Travel Bag: Overnight Bag or Carry-on Travel Bag:

The Ninja Leather Tote and The Hybrid will both accommodate your travel bag needs. Both have boxed edge bases so they’ll sit comfortably under the seat in front of you without spilling their contents, or in the overhead locker. They’re both super roomy and easy to pack and use. The Hybrid, however, has the added security of a recessed zip close, and a detachable crossbody strap.

My pick: The Hybrid Leather Carryall

Leather Gym Bag:

Both The Ninja and The Hybrid are stylish alternatives to your traditional gym bag. The classic tote style of The Ninja makes her perfect for carrying a yoga mat as well as everything else you need for your gym visit. But if you’re riding to your workout, The Hybrid’s crossbody strap and recessed zip close will probably suit you more. 

My pick: The Ninja Leather Tote

Leather Evening Bag:

All Workbelt styles are classic and classy enough to be worn in the evening. But usually you won’t need to carry so much when you head out on the town so it’s nice to make the most of a more glamorous style. The Eve is a leather evening bag and clutch in one. Both the wrist strap and the handbag strap are detachable so you can decide which style suits your outfit best. And because functionality is always front of mind, I designed The Eve to be big enough to fit your water bottle. 


My pick: The Eve Evening Bag and Clutch

I hope this Leather Bag Guide has helped you make the right choice. No matter what the function, there is a Workbelt bag for you, and no matter which style you choose, you’ll look and feel Boss! Happy choosing!!

To summarise: 
Everyday: Handbags, Carryalls, Backpacks
Work: The ‘Go To’, The Ninja, The Hybrid
Baby: The Ninja, The Hybrid
Travel: The Ninja, The Hybrid
Gym: The Ninja, The Hybrid
Evening: The Eve
My Overall Pick: The Ninja

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