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So, you’ve decided on a bag style, and now it’s time to choose a colour. For some of you this is a no brainer. But for others of you, you may like to know a little more about each leather. Fear not, this simple Workbelt Leather Guide will leave you feeling confident in your decision making.

All Workbelt leathers are sourced through a reputable Australian business who comply with strict environmental and ethical codes. Here's their Environmental Statement.

I have made the decision to use Italian bovine upholstery leather. What does this mean..?

Bovine Leather

Bovine is just another word for cow, and I like the idea of using bovine leather for one main is a by-product of the meat industry and while people continue to consume meat, I know I’d rather see those unused hides turned into leather than being disposed of.

Check out this awesome YouTube video by BOXMARK Leather that explains the ecological value of leather.

Italian Leather

All Workbelt leathers come from Italian raw hides. Italian hides are traditionally the highest quality as the cattle are generally raised in small herds away from barbed wire, and are better protected. I am not averse to using Australian hides so if you can recommend a high quality producer and tanner in Australia who can guarantee consistency, I’d love to hear from you.

Upholstery Leather

Upholstery leather is used to make couches. It is super supple and there is a huge range of types and finishes. The hides are large and allow for multiple bags to be cut from the one hide, which reduces waste. Think of the highest quality leather couch..soft, supple,, don’t they sound like perfect adjectives for your bag..? Let your bag mould to your body and be as comfortable as your favourite place to snuggle. 

There are 4 Workbelt leathers:

  • Italian Malt
  • Vintage Tan
  • Midnight Blue
  • Classic Black

Workbelt leather

Italian Malt

The Italian Malt oozes sophistication and style. The leather is coated with a silky wax and is then stretched to create a stunning antique finish. 

The highest quality full grain leather is used to create this effect, and consequently the leather will also proudly display scars, wrinkles and other hallmarks of authentic leather. 

The Italian Malt is the most natural and delicate of the Workbelt will develop a rich patina over time, but it will also be sensitive to scuffing, fading, stains and spills. To ensure longevity, it is so important to use a good quality natural leather conditioner, and keep it away from water and direct sunlight.

Vintage Tan and Midnight Blue

The Vintage Tan and Midnight Blue are naked leathers...they come from the highest quality full grain hides and showcase the animals’ natural characteristics including growth marks, wrinkles and other hallmarks of authentic leather. The non-toxic aniline dye creates a rich buttery feel, but the leather is not treated with a protective top-coat so it will absorb natural oils and develop a beautiful patina over time. These leathers fall in between the natural delicacy of the Italian Malt and the uniform durability of the Classic Black. 


Classic Black

The Classic Black is by far the most durable of the Workbelt leathers. It is hard-wearing and the protective topcoat makes it resistant to scuffing, fading, stains and spills. 

It has a pigmented finish and a fine embossed effect which means it looks flawless. The colour is rich and uniform, and it is soft and mellow to touch. If you want to buy one bag to last you a long time, and you don’t want to worry too much about maintenance, the Classic Black is for you.

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