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There are 10 pieces currently in the Workbelt Collection...all of which have been designed and made by me (El) in my Hobart studio. But along with designing and making bags also comes the arduous task of naming them appropriately...and as you will find out, a lot of time, effort, and collaboration (with you guys) has gone into each name. 

The Pinky

The Pinky Leather Clutch is the smallest of the Workbelt Collection...cute and small...just like your pinky finger. And just as the pinky finger is necessary for balancing out your hand (or looking fancy-pants while you're sipping from your wine glass), The Pinky Clutch plays a vital role by perfectly accompanying the larger Workbelt bags.

The El’s Pick

I made The El’s Pick Leather Clutch the perfect size to hold my phone, cash, cards, house key and lippy….she really was my ‘pick’ for size and modestly and I wanted everyone to know. But in saying that, for those of you who have upgraded your phone past the iPhone 6 size, you’ll also need to upgrade your clutch to my new fave...introducing…The Roadie.

The Roadie

The Roadie Leather Clutch was named in a competition on Social Media. Flick is not only a wonderful supportive customer, but she came up with the perfect name to appreciate how smooth life runs when you have a super cool, organised, competent Roadie in the gig that is your life.

The Feather

The Feather Leather Handbag was the first of the Workbelt Collection and her minimalist design meant people would inevitably comment on how lightweight she was. As light as a….

The Vixen

The Vixen Leather Handbag was named after a female fox...not in an exploitative way, but in her charm, wisdom and beauty. The Vixen is cunning...she is able to see through deception. There‘s no deception here...just a stylish, wise design.

The Eve

The Eve Leather Evening Bag and Clutch is the most glamorous of the Workbelt Collection and her name signifies that she is perfect for the evening wear. There's also a bit of excitement associated with the eve of something special...Christmas Eve, New Year's get my drift.

The ‘Go To’

The ‘Go To’ Leather Carryall was named by a very special friend of mine who owns Spencer’s Cafe in Lindisfarne. Not only is Carly a true Superwoman, but she totally nailed the name of this bag as a design that you naturally gravitate to.

The Doppio

The Doppio Leather Backpack and Handbag was named by a lovely customer who owns Moto Vecchia, a cafe in Bellerive showcasing delicious Italian-Australian food. And it seems that her Italian heritage came in very handy here...Doppio means ‘double’ which is perfect for this leather beauty who doubles as a backpack and handbag.

The Ninja

My partner’s son came home from school with a calico bag that he’d painted a Ninja was pretty cool, and a really good size, but it wasn’t exactly glamorous. So when I needed a baby bag with a hint of glamour (every new Mum should feel special), I was inspired by the size of our ninja bag, but this time she would be made from the best quality leather. The name fitted perfectly...Mums are Ninjas...they need to be on top of masters...and they need a bag that does the same. Needless to say, my partner’s son was pretty stoked that he was the inspiration behind The Ninja Leather Tote.

The Hybrid

A hybrid is the result of crossing two species..and that’s exactly what happened with The Hybrid Leather Carryall. People love The Ninja for her size and tote straps, and they also love The ‘Go To’ for her zip close and crossbody strap. So...I cross pollinated and gave The Hybrid all of these features...and it seemed like a fitting name.

So there you go, a little insight into the name of each Workbelt piece. My favourite names have come from your suggestions so stay tuned to be involved when I introduce the next Workbelt piece to the Collection.

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