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All of you who follow Workbelt on Social Media or regularly check in on my website know that I am passionate about Slow Fashion. But what exactly is Slow Fashion..?

We all know what Fast Fashion, accessible and made to last for one get the 'hit' when you buy it and then you chuck it when the novelty's worn 'nobally’ donate it to charity. Well listen up...Australian charitable recycling organisations are spending $13 MILLION per year sending unusable donations to landfill! That does NOT sound charitable to me! 

Yes, it’s convenient to go to one shop and grab everything you need...bugger it, why not grab 3 for the price of 2..?! I’ll tell you why...because you probably only need 1. And that’s where Slow Fashion becomes much better value...for you and the planet. So get your ‘hit’ from making a REAL difference...and start thinking ‘SLOWWWW’.

Slow Fashion is calculated. It considers:

The People
The Planet
The Craft

The People

Slow Fashion recognises that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear. And they should be paid properly and treated well, just as you and I expect to be.

The terms ‘handmade’ and ‘ethical’ have lost a little bit of their meaning...sort of like ‘free-range’ eggs and ‘organic’ foods...Marketers have hijacked those terms and it’s really difficult for consumers to know what they’re getting. And it’s bloody exhausting being a conscious consumer who always needs to be reading between the lines.

When it comes to bags, let your brain have a rest. Every Workbelt piece is designed by me AND made by me. No one will ever get rich with this business model, but it's a vocation and something I am passionate about (far more than profit).

The Planet

Slow Fashion recognises the footprint that it leaves on the planet. For now, I’m working with leather...leather is a’s natural; it’s recyclable; it’s durable; and it reduces waste. When people stop eating meat, I’ll be very happy to start working with another medium. I source my leather from a reputable family-owned Australian leather business who comply with strict environmental and ethical codes. 

The Craft

Most brands that we associate with luxury and high-end fashion are mass produced these days. Would you prefer something that was produced on a conveyor belt, or the same product that was crafted for you by a Maker..? The real value of a crafted piece is it’s singularity...that’s what makes it a true luxury piece. 

There’s something really special about knowing that you choose something and the person who’s making it for you knows your name when they’re making it.

Workbelt represents simple, timeless design. 

Slow Fashion is the less but choose well.

Workbelt...made by Me


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