The Tom Samek ICON Ninja

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Welcome to The ZERO WASTE ICON Collection.  Each of these pieces is made from iconic banners.

The Tom Samek Pieces are made from a banner that was made for a Tasmanian Museum exhibition. The lining and hardware are new.

All 9 Ninjas have sold. There is 1 Tote remaining (The Wombat).

This is without a doubt the most stylish way to repurpose and feel good about looking good!

Specs: firm banner vinyl, fully lined, unzipped internal pocket, one-of-a-kind design by a very special artist. The Ninja is the more unisex of the 2 designs (I’m thinking shopping bag, library bag, everyday bag) with approx dimensions 44cm wide at top, 42cm tall and an 8cm base.

Free postage within Australia

Handmade in Tasmania by me