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I recently saw a quote posted by ‘Have And Hold Tasmania’ that said ‘Waste is a design flaw’. I couldn’t agree more! 

Leather is a prime example. While people continue to consume meat, I know I’d rather see those unused hides turned into leather than being disposed of. That is one of the reasons I work with entire reduces waste by allowing multiple bags to be cut out of each. 

But there are still offcuts of leather that need to be disposed of….or...turned into unique statement pieces. And that’s where the Zero Waste Collection comes into play.

Think of it as wearable art! The edges of a leather hide are as unique as each animal and I wanted to showcase this. My classic Workbelt styles allow for a bit of embellishment. So if there’s a Workbelt style you like, but you’d like a one-of-a-kind version, choose a Zero Waste piece. I’ll carefully select the offcuts of leather that best suit the bag design. 

The smaller pieces use multiple smaller offcuts to introduce some intricacy; the larger designs invite larger, more striking natural edges. 

You can choose one of the 4 Workbelt Leathers:




Or you’re welcome to have a’s just a matter of reaching out. I also offer a STORMY SEA version that uses all the blue, grey and black leathers I have worked with.

Or a DESERT SAND version that showcases the beige, tan and brown leathers I have in my studio.

Working with leather is such a privilege. And a lot of time and energy goes into making each Zero Waste piece. It is a very satisfying process. So if you’d like a Zero Waste piece in any of the Workbelt styles, hit me up on the Contacts Page.

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